LIFE/ offers the benefit of working with an exciting team with extensive local knowledge ensuring the marketing and management of your property delivers the best result.

Our team is pleased to manage all aspects of your property, including:

  • Marketing campaign and renter selection
  • Ingoing Inspections, Routine Inspections & Exit Inspections
  • Maintenance coordination, including defects & Pre settlement Inspections
  • Accounts payable including Owners Corporation fees, water rates, council rates & rental provider insurance
  • Monthly & EOFY income/expense statements
  • Lease negotiations & market reviews


LIFE/ Property Management will market your residence through large marketing campaigns across both digital and print media including but not limited to mail distributions, website advertisements and onsite signage.

We leverage on a variety of targeted and broad advertising methods to effectively promote your property.

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LIFE/ understands the importance of renter selection. To protect your investment, securing a quality renter can make all the difference.

Our stringent eligibility criteria means not just anyone can enjoy your exclusive property. Our strict policy ensures only the best renters are shortlisted. All applicants are required to complete a rental form and provide credible evidence to support their application.

We check current, as well as previous rental provider, agent and employer references to ensure they are exceptional occupants for your property.
Once all checks are completed, we provide the list of qualified applicants for your final approval.

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MARKET reviews

At LIFE/, we work diligently to ensure you receive optimum market returns. We regularly assess the rental on your property, considering factors such as the current market, vacancy rate, its general condition, and the quality of your renter.

Our review will provide updates on current market conditions and recommend solutions to maximise your investment.

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For your peace of mind, we conduct regular inspections to ensure your property is in good hands.

Inspections are undertaken three months after a renter moves in, and bi-annually thereafter. This also offers renters an opportunity to raise maintenance issues, if any.

Following the inspection, we provide a written report accompanied by photographic evidence, detailing your property’s condition.

Each time your property is inspected, it is allocated a future date for the next inspection. Rest assured, we have a watchful eye on your investment.

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We are undoubtedly the experts in apartment living, having managed highly coveted Melbourne apartments, including exclusive management of GURNER™ Group luxury properties.

With a commitment to excellence, our high standard of maintenance protects your rental returns and property value. We monitor repairs very closely and have developed a flexible system to cover all owners’requirements.

While many owners entrust us to manage maintenance matters on their behalf, others prefer to do so themselves. We engage a team of quality and experienced tradespeople for all repairs and maintenance. If you wish, you may appoint tradespeople of your own choice.


Let us find you the right renter!

Our people believe that we set the benchmark in the property management industry. We look forward to serving you to a standard beyond your expectations.

Samantha Barker
Head of Property Management

8 Bowen Crescent
Melbourne VIC 3004 Australia